Our Story

Built Different. 

One day after a workout, I was eating a protein bar. Looking at the ingredient list, I wondered why it was necessary to include all these unrecognizable ingredients. Couldn't you make a good tasting protein bar, without using marketing tactics to disguise the junk that came with it? 


I decided to find out myself. On a journey to create the protein bar that I always wanted and thought others like me would love too, I began research. I couldn't just make another protein bar amongst the sea of other brands. It had to be better, it had to be different.


For over two years, I worked on creating the absolute best product I could. Nothing from MadMan Nutrition would be mediocre, we basically had to live up to the high standards we set for ourselves. We are only interested in creating high quality products. We admire the extra effort that goes into making something go from good to great. 


Although I'm the sole founder and owner, I knew I couldn't live up to these standards on my own. MadMan Nutrition works with various professionals and companies to give our supporters products they love with great service to go with it. Our protein bars are made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility alongside many other well-known brands in Whole Foods, GNC, and other stores. Our shirts are also carefully crafted by a professional screen printer using premium quality materials. 


I would never reveal the project prematurely. I studied the market and developed a strategy, experimented in my kitchen making protein bars, worked with multiple graphic designers before finding the right look for MadMan, worked with developers to get our website functioning properly, and everything else in between to bring the vision to life. I had to polish it before I could share it with the world. 


Today, we're ready. With the help of our supporters, we're ready to put in even more work to keep growing. MadMan Nutrition stands by every ingredient we use. We're not like the other guys. When you support MadMan Nutrition, you'll see how we're built different.